Our Innovation Process


Being a premium brand and a preferred supplier that creates customer value demands high levels of innovation, as well as the highest possible levels of quality and design. Sustainability is at the heart of it all.

ASSA ABLOY’s product Innovation process is based on Lean principles. The process consists of several modules, including:

  1. Product management – includes market mapping and analysis, research on long-term trends and developments, knowledge of market standards and regulations and generation planning.
  2. Voice of the customer – direct and in-depth customer research forms the foundation for the development of relevant, value-creating offerings.
  3. Efficient delivery of innovation projects – ensures that no time, effort or money is wasted when developing high-quality technologies, products or services.

Innovation at ASSA ABLOY

Global trends and planning for the future

In the product management process, ASSA ABLOY looks at long-term social, political, technological and customer trends, market development, standards and regulatory development. With this knowledge as a starting point, generation plans are laid out for new products and for the development of entirely new technologies. Three Global trends currently impacting our business and those of our customers are:

  • Urbanisation – the growth of multi-dwelling units and increased population density are driving greater need for both security and privacy.
  • Digitisation - where ‘the internet of things’, which simply put, is a giant network of connected “things” (including people).  - where anything that can be connected will be connected. This includes everything from cell phones, wearable devices, refrigerators, home heating and lighting - almost anything you can think of – including your home and business security and access control.
  • Sustainability - Australia is at the forefront of Green Building and sustainable building practises with over 20%1  of Australia’s CBD office space certified as green. Commercial benefits derived from Green buildings include:
    • Lower operating costs
    • Higher ROI
    • Greater tenant attractiveness 
    • Research indicates many social benefits as well:
      • Greater productivity
      • Reduced liability and risk 
      • Healthier places to live and work2 

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 2 Shah V 2016, 'The hidden health benefits of green buildings', Eco Business, <http://www.eco-business.com/news/the-hidden-health-benefits-of-green-buildings/> Retrieved 7 July 2016.